Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Olivia went to a birthday party a few weeks back where there were pony rides and bounce houses. Ever since she always tells me "I luf ponees and jumpeen Mommy!". So we couldn't resist having a pony for her 3rd birthday. The owner of the pony is awesome! She dresses the pony up to fit the theme of the party. Olivia's was a princess pony party. This princess pony is named Marigold and even smiled a few times for the camera. Marigold's mane and tail were painted rainbow colors and she even had glitter painted hooves. We had lots of friends to share in the fun! We had a bubble station, tons of food, and a pink pony pinata. Everyone had a blast! After everyone left, Olivia was either wearing or carrying as many presents as humanly possible. One of Olivia's favorite presents was a pair of Barbie roller skates and a magic wand that lit up and made sounds. She took her nap in those skates and really hasn't taken them off since. Our little stinker even tried to wear them to church. Thanks to all of our friends that attended and made her day so special!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Feet

For Olivia's birthday present, my mom took Olivia to the nail salon we frequent for a princess pedicure. I was skeptical of taking an almost three year old to have her nails done, but this was my mom's scheme. Olivia wasn't too sure what to think at first either. She and I shared a spa chair and she ended up LOVING it! She put her feet in with mine and stayed put the entire time. She picked the color "poopul" (translation-purple) with sparkles to go with her new shoes Grammy got her. I thought she'd have a hard time with her being stubborn and all. Boy, was I wrong! She sat very still for the manicurist while she painted her twinkle toes "poopul". Once her toes were done, she sat with Grammy to have "sunshine" (UV light) on her nails to help them dry faster. Other clients there were oohhing and awwing over her. One lady started to talk to her and Olivia turned to her and said "Shhhh! Be quiet!". At first I was mortified and I asked Liv to apologize. She looked at me and said "Baby seeping (doesn't quite have /l/ blends yet), you funny Mama!" So those in earshot were giggling. She continued to tell everyone to be quiet because now it was cute (in her mind at least). I, of course, took my camera. I didn't quite have the camera set right, but the shots are still cute. I still have to be fast when taking her pictures as she is not the most willing subject, but today her toes were more than willing to say "cheese!".

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

A big shout out to all you Moms! Hope your day was as wonderful as mine! I got my Mother's Day present a little early from Damian. I asked him Saturday night if he was planning to get me anything, his response, "Not yet?". I told him not to bother since Peppermint Creative (digital scrapbooking supplies) is having a month long sale. I spent Saturday night downloading my gift. I woke up this morning to breakfast in bed. Damian and the kids made chocolate chip pancakes and bacon (yummo!). We got dressed and ready for church. After Sacrament, the Bishopric and young women gave the mother's carnations. Olivia hijacked mine and destroyed it before the end of church. In Relief Society, we were surprised with lunch. It was awesome! Damian gave me the rest of the day to scrapbook and hide out in my hole (the office). I finished a couple of layouts and Olivia's birthday party invitation. I may from time to time be placing a watermark on some of my creations to prevent improper use of my images. The worst part about today is getting ready for the "W" word (you know, work). Catch ya later!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Plan B Engagement Session

Kim and I shot an engagement session yesterday for Brooke and Fernando. They are super sweet and we had a blast with them. We look forward to shooting their wedding on May 17th. If you are interested in having Kim and I take pictures for you, contact Angela at the boutique 588-1984.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Book Arrived!!!!!

I was having a pretty crappy day the day before my birthday. While on my lunch break, I blog hopped over to Lisa Bearnson's blog and discovered I won an autographed copy of her newest book. It so made my day!! When we got home today, there it was on my doorstep! YEAH!!!!!! I feel like I've won the lotto, WOOHOO!

Too Cute for Words!

Jack is 8 months old. I can hardly believe it! He has grown so fast. Where has all the time gone?