Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pushing my computer to it's limits!

So here is the latest on our computer drama. We have a new HP being shipped to our house in a few days. I was just emailed that it is labeled, packed and being picked up by UPS tomorrow. I can't wait! I am really excited about the laser etching features for the cd's and the 750 GB hard drive!!! As for my EHD, not so good news. The Geek Squad called and had me come down to Best Buy, AGAIN! My drive was causing their systems to freeze and they could not proceed with the recovery. They have to send it a facility that specializes in this. So they refunded my money as well as the money for the new EHD, and charged me a deposit for sending it out to the facility. The estimate they gave me was $747.00 (gasp!). They encouraged me not to worry as it could be as little as $259.00 (do-able). They also warned me if the damage is really bad that the cost could reach $2500.00 (never in a million years!). Once the cost to retrieve files exceeds what I've spent on digi-scrap materials, I'm done. I'll just buy them again at that point. I did find out I do have a warranty on the dead EHD and the manufacturer will cover a certain amount of recovery cost and a replacement . Of course that will all depend on the report from this recovery facility. If it's "my fault" it is not working, then there will be no coverage. So I am going about this as if I am receiving no warranty from the manufacturer. The Geek's said I had one of the best EHD's, it's just a bad drive. We'll see.
So in the meantime, I am going through creative withdrawals. I am on vacation now and am dying to make a layout. My old compy is running, more like walking reeaalll slow. I had purchased a few graphics/tutorials from Designer Digitals before this computer nightmare and the downloads were still available. One of the tutorials I bought is on how to make stickers and to color in doodles. I thought I'd share what I've done so far with it.

Credits: Laying it All Out Tutorial #17 w/Cassie Jones @ Designer Digitals
K Pertiet Krafty Ledger paper, doodles, and doodle frame
Fonts- CK Child's Play, CK Jessica, CK_Ali's Handwriting

Friday, June 27, 2008

So, What Can't you Live Without? Euology to My Friend, My Compy

Not too long back I remember watching a news show (I think it was Dateline) where they took electronic devices away from semi-willing participants for a period of time and we watched their lives fall apart on TV without these devices. I remember laughing and thinking how retarded they were. Well now, I so feel their pain!!
We've had our computer for about 5 years and I know that it's true age is kind of like dog years. It has been a good friend, but now it is an old, dying friend. The processor and video card just can't do all the things I need it to do. It's had other complications, but we have a temporary handle on them so I can at least take my new online class with Candice Stringham.
We've been saving money to get the van fixed and if any money was left over we were going to put it towards a new lens for my camera. Well, that is now a pipe dream. Two nights ago Damian and I freaked and decided go down to Best Buy to find a new desktop. We thought we'd try a Dell. So We bring it home and find it did not have a fire wire connection. I thought it did so that ticked me off. We get it all hooked up that night, check it out for a bit, and head off for bed. The next day, I come home to check my email and IT WON'T WORK!!! I was freaking out! I couldn't get it past the Dell screen. I unhooked and re hooked wires and still, nothing. So we go visit the Geek Squad. We also took in our EHD with all my pictures, digiscrap materials, fonts (some were backed up, but not all). Our old computer was not recognizing it and we thought it was because of it's "senior moments". Both the Dell and the EHD were fine when checked. So today, I get home and hook everything up again, and guess what, neither of them worked. So I called Dell tech support and they concluded I had a dud and told me to go back to the store. So Damian, the kids, myself, and our electronics head back again to Best Buy for three grueling hours. We got an HP that was a $100 more and a million times better. It has a cool laser feature in the CD burner that will print images and text on top of the CD. Goodbye Sharpie marker!!! Bad news is, it wasn't in stock so I have to have it shipped. It'll be here in a about ten days. In the meantime, we bandaged up my good friend here, gave it a blessing, and hope it'll do all the things I need it to do until my new one arrives. We're hoping our old friend will be perfect for Jared as it lives the rest of it's life in his bedroom.
So onto my EHD. The prognosis now is not good. It has died and a piece of me died with it. I've been crying over pictures and graphics that were not backed up. The good news is The Geek Squad can retrieve the files for $159.00 and put it onto a new EHD ($119.00). The bad news is more money spent that we really didn't have, and I won't have my files back for a week(sigh!). I am thankful that there is a ton of overtime available for Damian at work right now. If he works 3 extra hours everyday for the next few weeks, it should take the sting out of the cost to replace/fix our friends.
I haven't been on the computer much this week because of these issues and I haven't been able to do things like pay bills, check my bank account, check email, shop for the best deal I could find for a computer. I have been behaving exactly like those people on the news show experiment. So my question to you, my loyal readers and friends is this... What can't you live without?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Wild and Crazy Summer (So far)

So I'm teaching Summer School and am glad to report I have only 6 days of teaching left. It's been especially painful and I am looking forward to scrapbooking, sleeping in, and being mom. Damian has made the fire fighters list(yeah!), but it could be up to two years before before he may receive a call to report to academy. In the meantime, he is on the hunt for a new job. I feel bad for him because I harp on him so much about it. It's scary with the way the economy is going. Gas is at about $4.50 here. The mini van is still out of commission and we don't feel too terrible about it since gas is outrageous! I also found out that I'll be going to 12 month pay which in the long run will be great, but we'll be down a couple of hundred a month in August. So if anyone knows of a great job for a great guy who graduated with his Bachelor's degree Magna Cum Laude, give us a shout:0)!
Poor Jack has been cutting teeth. He has two on top and three on the bottom and cut them all at once (yikes). He is almost ten months and is pulling himself up and standing without support. He may be my first to walk well before one year. I am glad to see my baby is motivated to keep up with his siblings, but this means he'll be all the more mobile and into more trouble. He is growing up way too fast and it makes me so sad that I am not home to witness his firsts.
I finished reading the Twilight book series a few weeks ago. Damian decided to read them as well to see what all the fuss is about. He actually likes them! I am dying for the 4th book to be out in August. I've started reading The Host in the evenings before bed. I haven't read as much as I'd like to the past few weeks because working with four kids is insane!!!! Hopefully I'll have some summer activities to post about soon since I'll be home for a few weeks!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


So much has been going on with us! I am amazed I am not a blubbering idiot by now. We just finished school last Thursday. I was knee deep in report cards, assessments, memory books, cumulative folders, checking out w/ administration... (the list goes on). I begin summer school on Monday (arghh). I keep telling myself it's only for a few hours for four weeks. Damian so owes me since I gave him my summer money to get his eye surgery. I am hopeful it pays off. I don't know if I mentioned it, but Damian did pass the physical abilities test to be a firefighter. He has his oral interview on Monday morning. I am sure he'll do great! He's had a ton of interviews at State Farm for other positions. Our thought now is it was great practice for whatever is in store for us!! He's been on many ride alongs the past few weeks with different stations. So what that has meant for me amidst all my end of the year craziness that after work and on weekends, I am a single mommy. So say a little prayer for us! We are hoping he makes the next academy. We should find out soon what his number on the list is. Nick was the number one point maker for 2nd grade in A.R. for the year. He scored 70.7 points and won a medal at an awards assembly. He also got straight A's again. He asked for a fish as his reward. Easy enough, right? We'll he then stipulated that it can't be the cheap kind that dies easily.
Jared made honor roll again! I asked him if he also wanted a fish. I was hoping he would and that I'd get off easy this quarter. You know, two fish, one bowl. Of course, he said he'd rather have a Lego set. Oh, well! We are sure proud of these boys! Olivia STILL refuses to potty train. Priscilla said she has this psycho potty training book I can borrow. I am thinking I'll have to take her up on that. Of course I have to wait until summer school is over. She can be such a toot! She is quite the character and has us laughing all the time! There is always a story with her. I give up on keeping the house clean. She is like having a hurricane in the house. Nothing is sacred and nothing is off limits, at least in her mind.
Jack has cut two teeth and is working on two more. I thought it odd he started with his top teeth. I always thought the bottom two came in first. He has been overly clingy and very cranky! I feel so bad for him! Other than Anbesol and Tylenol, there is not much more I can do for him. All he wants to do is nurse and I've been trying to wean him. Despite the fact that I need to sleep, I found time tonight to blog and to make a quick layout about Olivia and her skates. I hope she doesn't expect to wear them to church tomorrow. So if I haven't talked to you in a while or if you see me and I have a glazed look on my face, you know why.

Credits for layout: Weeds and Wildflowers Cherishing paper and yarn, Fonts- You are loved, Century Gothic