Sunday, October 26, 2008

Party Animals

Whew! What a weekend! Friday night Nick had a few friends for a sleep over to celebrate his 9th birthday. I can't believe it has been 9 years since he joined our family!! He is such an awesome kid! The evening was filled with Nerf Gun battles and Wii tournaments. They kids had a great time!

Saturday morning after his little friends left, Damian and the boys went to clean the church building. I figured it would be more of a chore to take Jack with us so I passed (oh darn!). Glad to dodge that bullet!

All of our kiddies were invited to Katie and Lyndsey's Halloween Party. Katie was one of my past Kindergarten students and I've become great friends with her family. Lots of friends and students there and boy, did we have a blast! There was tons of pizza, lots of games and a great craft! I couldn't resist taking the camera!

I so needed a nap today! I squeezed a short one in. I am bumming a bit as this weekend was a whirlwind and now I have to finish my lesson plans for tomorrow (sigh!). TTFN!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Session with the Thygerson Kids

I've been a very busy girl this week!! Today I had a session with the Thygerson kids. I was Bryce's primary teacher before our ward split and I just love her mom!The boys are so yummy! I had so much fun with them and now we are lifelong buds!! We looked for spiders, lizards, pretended we were dead, and rolled in the dirt. Whatever it takes to keep kiddies happy and get great shots. I so need a bath! Anywho, hop on over to my photography blog and check out their super cute slide show.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Keychain Album

So Becky, Krista and I have been at our local scrapbook store for a Halloween Crop all weekend. Tons of Fun! Becky and I made these cool acrylic keychains. I am almost done. I still have to add Jared's picture. I botched his up trying to figure out what adhesive would work best. Becky even drove out to the other scrapbook store to see what adhesive they had. The third adhesive was the charm. Anywho, I was so excited how great this turned out! I just had to share! I am thinking Christmas gifts for the Grandma's. I would've posted my other projects, but they are still at the crop. I'll try to post them later tonight! We leave our gear there until the crop is over. Would it be rationalizing to think I am not breaking the Sabbath if I scrapped later this afternoon at the crop so long as I didn't spend money? I am spending time with friends and working on family history you know.

Credits: All products by Prima

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Livi's Power Source

We are still home with the cooties! Damian and I are hopeful we'll return to work tomorrow! We've spent our days in our jammies since last Thursday. Olivia was the first sick so of course she is the first better. She has spent her time wandering through the house looking for things to get into while they rest of us prayed to the porcelain god. One of her favorite places to get into is where I keep my jewelery. Now to preface this I had got the kids the Ironman movie last week as they all love the old cartoon. I know it's a bit racy at the beginning, there is a lovely feature called fast forward. I told my big boys that all you need to know was Tony was a jerk in the beginning. They were fine with that. Anyways, Olivia is just as obsessed with superheroes as her brothers are. She has even announced she will be Superman for Halloween. Well, we convinced her to be Supergirl. So, she gets a hold of my necklace. She squeals with delight that she has her power sore (translation-power source). I love this necklace and have not gotten it off of her since yesterday. She has asked me to energize her power source a bajillion times already. I think I got a girly girl and tomboy in one. I'll have a battle on my hands trying to get it off of her.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Livi Lou has the Flu and Now Everyone Else does too!

This post is not for those with a weak stomach. So if your a mom, you should manage. Pictures with this post would not be appropriate so "gasp!" this is a rare post for Jen. Sorry to disappoint! I am up to my eyeballs in BARF!!! When we picked Livi up from daycare on Wednesday, one of the little boys began to throw up all over the carpet, poor guy. By 3:30 in the morning, Liv comes into our bed and barfs all over it and us. YAY!!! Damian stayed home Thursday with the little ones while I go into work exhausted. I arranged for a Friday substitute. By Friday afternoon Jack was sick. Fortunately he had his exorcist moment all over the kitchen tile instead of furniture or carpet. By Saturday afternoon Jared was camping out by the toilet. Poor Nick, here's a story. I had finally agreed to let that kid go to his first slumber party. Yes, I am oober over protective and his little friend's mother humored me with all my psycho questions. The only reason we decided it was ok for him to go was the mom used to sub at our school so I knew her from work and she didn't have a boyfriend or a husband we didn't know. So Nick could hardly wait and had been talking about this party all week. He was the only twerp not showing any sign of the barfies or the poop soup (as my darlings call it). I had warned the mom what was going on and she was fine with him coming so long as he let her know if he was beginning to not feel well. By 9:30 pm I got the call. I rush to the other side of town with bucket in hand (like I am going to let my kid vomit all over my clean Tahoe). I even offered to clean the toilet for her. She kindly declined my offer. I think she just wanted us and our cooties out of her house. I hope she has sick time built up. I warned them. We drove home with the windows down and I held my breath. Livi is better whilst my male offspring continue to blow chunks. I don't know if I am queezy from the stench in my house or if I actually have the bug. Good thing we DVR'd our church's General Conference. It is hard to be spiritually fed when no one is purposefully being fed. I guess I am staying home tomorrow with my little ones.

Update 10/7/08- It's my turn!!!! Bluck! Missing picture day at work. Jack barfed in my bed this morning. Hmmm...I wonder if I'll make the field trip tomorrow to the pumpkin patch?