Sunday, March 29, 2009

We finally get to go on a vacation!!!!

Sooooo excited!!!!! I've had quite a few photo sessions and orders lately so Damian and I decided we needed a little vacay with the money earned!! So for Spring Break we will be going to (insert drum roll)...

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Disneyland!!!!! The happiest place on Earth!
Disclaimer-I did not take this picture ;D

The kids are so excited, especially Olivia. She cannot stop talking about Cinderella! We haven't been since January 2007. That's so unlike us since we are Disney freaks and try to go regularly. We got a fantastic deal on our rooms! We'll be staying at the Portofino. I'll save my amazing Disney deals story for another post. I really should write a book about Disneyland tips. I am a bit bummed about it not being a Disney Hotel, (yes, I am a Disney snob). You see, beacause by Disney definition, I have a million kids and it is against their policy to let all of my children stay in the room with us (retarded, huh?). So they were either wanting us to get two rooms or a suite. I am not made of money. So I had to quickly get over the idea of staying at a Disney Hotel and I will miss all the special perks of being a Disney guest. You'd think in this economy there would be better deals. Anywho! C-ya real soon!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Today, It's all about Jared!

I know I am biased, but Jared is such an awesome kid!!! I am so proud of him!!! He made Principal's list this last quarter. He is also doing well in band getting ready for his Spring Concert. He is also enjoying Boy Scouts and will be receiving awards at Court of Honor later this week. Jared was well overdue for some updated pics. We decided to go exploring downtown and take some. There were a lot of homeless people near the bus stop. They made Jared nervous so we didn't hang out around there too long, but it was a great chance to talk about compassion with him. I just love this kid!!! He is still in this "I'm cool so I am not going to smile" phase. I had to beg him to smile. Here are a few of his pics:

After we finished downtown, we headed to Target to get a Lego set for his awesome report card. Yep, I totally bribe my kids to get good grades and it works!!! I highly recommend doing it! I'll be posting more of his images on the photography blog later today so if you are interested check them out HERE. Damian and I went through the images after I played with them. He looks so grown up. It was kinda depressing!!! Nick is due next for an update also. I'll gush about him once I get some new pics of him!!!

UPDATE: Couldn't help myself. Had to start scrapping these pictures.

Credits: M.Fenwick red paper, WM2 Enjoy the Journey stripe paper and Honeydew string, Shabby Princess Smell My Feet Safety Pin tag, Jen Wilson Rememeber ribbon, Miss Mint Rainbow Joy Mesh and Duct Tape alpha

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My BFF, Kiddies, Wild Flowers, and Cow Patties

So Kiahna was in town for the weekend and told me how pretty the poppies were coming off the mountain. We decided to take Olivia and her boys up there to take pictures. We picked flowers (not the poppies of course, that ould be breaking the law!), did a bit of hiking, and tried to steer clear of the cow patties. Notice how I used the word "tried". Of course leave it to the boys to pick up the cow poop and fling it. So after lots of bribery, and false promises of leaving in just a few more minutes, this is what we left with:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I love my class so don't get me wrong here!! I have been really struggling with some of the kids this year. I have some serious behavior and medical issues. More than my fair share of kids with serious needs (six children total). The medical issues scare me!! They are pretty serious. I am baffled as to so many are all in my room (I am one of seven Kindergarten teachers)! I have had a reputation the past few years of getting some of the kids that have serious issues. Sigh! I also have the revolving door with students. I have had six come and go. Needless to say I have to have some alone time when I get home because I am wiped out. So what do I do you ask? Surf the net, hang in blogland, and scrap of course. I did a speed scrap last night and a scraplift this afternoon. I think I need some retail therapy also!

Credits: GG Designs Happy Place paper, alpha, and elements, Tangie Baxter glitter brackets, font Pea Jannda

Credits: Britt-ish Designs White Christmas paper 1, GG Designs High School Never Ends doodle heart, fonts-CK ali's Handwriting,MS Reference Sans Serif, VT Portable Remington

Photo Session Turned into a Good Time for the Boys

After school Monday, I was asked by Tamara at our district office to come out to her property to take pictures of her son Grant. He is such a cutie!!!

Hop on over to my other blog if you want to see more of his preview (click here) .
Since it was right after school, the boys tagged along as assistants and when we were done, they got to do this:

My Thoughts on After the Final Rose (the rose that he took back from Melissa because he changed his mind and wants to now give it to that other chick)

Last mention of The Bachelor for this season! I promise!!!I totally get being true to yourself and your feelings. If it doesn't work out, then it doesn't work out. But to ambush Melissa like that on national television is just wrong. This should not have been handled publically! She was totally humiliated, hurt, and betrayed!! Note to Jason because I know he reads my blog faithfully, send her the ring back so she can sell it and buy a new car to make herself feel better because you now suck!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Holy Crap! Did you Watch the Bachelor?!?

So I watch the finale and I am all teary eyed thinking "Oh how sweet!" Then I watch The After the Rose Show. That was about the most uncoolest, heartless thing I have ever seen!! Yet I continued to watch it like a bad car wreck. Melissa should have kept the ring after that act public humiliation. And Molly jumping all over him after he confesses his mistake?!? "Can we spend time together...go out for a cup of coffee?" Gag!! Tacky! She should have made him sweat it instead of kissing all over him!! You know, I really liked Jason. I dunno anymore. Sigh! I think he has commitment issues! What did you think?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Cool Friend Bryce

Here are a few pics from Bryce's session. She is so stinkin' cute! Never a dull moment when hangin' with my little friend! Hop on over to my photography blog here to see the preview.