Sunday, June 28, 2009

Orioles Rock!

Turn off music at bottom of blog. The slide show has it's own music.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mustang B Champs!!!!

WOOHOOO!!!!! Our little baseball stud had a rocking season!! The team finished 18-1-1. We are so proud of him and his team! He is such an amazing little player (and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom)! Small but mighty for sure! Here are some pics from this evening:

Nick was blessed to be on a team of stand-out players, awesome coaches, and a fantastic groups of parents!!! We could not have asked for a better season!! Way to go Orioles!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


I have been at a math training all week! I don't think I've used that many brain cells since college! Lots of theory and looking at the framework. PHEWWW! I am exhausted and life this week had been a sort of blur. Olivia had her dress rehearsal for dance last night so that made an already long day longer!!!!! I'll be finished today and can finally start my Summer vacation!

Amongst all this craziness, I was able to whip a out few layouts. The Scrap Matters designers got together to create some really cool mystery grab bags. I got two (lucky me)!
From WM [Squared]'s bag I made this:

All goodies from WM [Squared] and Hafen Creations Kit.

And from Haynay's group bag, I made this:

Items using Haynay Designs My Happy Life and Plum Dumpling Designs Lobstah kit.

Haynay also released a softball kit. Even though Olivia does not play...yet, I still love it (especially the colors) and was eager to play with it. Here is what I made:

Here is the link to where all three of the new releases can be found at the
Scrap Matters Store.
Catch ya l8r!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Run, Don't Walk!!!!

Wendy's having a birthday sale!!!!!!!!

Here's the link!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Haynay Designs New Goodies

I love being on CT's for designers!!!! I get to work with some fabulous stuff!!!! Heather created some fabulous 2 page templates ("Simplicity" 2 page templates) and they were perfect for our Lego Store visit when we went to Disneyland. I also used her new colored bubbles alpha. These goodies are to die for!!!! I used her new releases both on one layout:

In case you want a closer look:

All graphics by Haynay Designs. Here is the Link to her Store @ Scrap Matters. Well, except for the Mikey Ears. The page screamed for them, so I made them. Font used is Minya Nouvelle.

WM [Squared] has New Goodies Too!!

Wendy created some templates that were inspired by my fellow CT member Kim. I just fell in love with these and the layouts I was able to make!

Fonts used in the above layout: Eraser Dust, CK Ali's Handwriting, Underwood Champion

Fonts used in the above layout: Times Roman, Underwood Champion, Love Ya Like a Sister

All items used created by WM[Squared].

I also used Wendy's new Mixed Pewter Alpha in the title work for Papa & the Party Girl. Here is the link to her store @ Scrap Matters.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is it Really Summer?

Can you believe the weather we are having????? If you haven't heard, it was 81 degrees today and will be cool into next week! The forecast says for Friday we will be in the 70's!?! It's supposed to be 110 degrees here! So surprising for the armpit of California. Oh, but I am not complaining! This coupled with working for a few weeks, it really doesn't feel like Summer...yet! Weird!

I thought I'd give ya a quick update as to what is going on with us.

Jared and Nick both had excellent report cards (again). Jared made Principal's list and Nick got only one B in math (the rest A's of course). Jared is totally stoked about going to middle school. I cringe at the thought! I dare not tell him the next few years may be the worst of his life! I loathe middle school. I say this because I was once his age...and it sucked! I also substitute taught the age group briefly and the kids are just as terrible as I had rememebred. I had planned on sending him to his neighborhood school next year, but he begged me for just one more year in my district. So for now, he'll continue to go with me to school. We will revisit this topic for sure.

Nick is rocking in baseball. His team is 11-1-1. It seems as though his team will be going to tournament. I whipped up a cool layout in homage to the baseball stud.

Credits: Black paper & baseball alpha by Britt-ish Designs, paper by Dirty Feet Designs, A. Aspnes Skimmer Boy overlay, font is Underwood Champion

Olivia is getting ready for her first dance recital in two weeks. She has a pink boom box in her room and frequently turns on the Penguin Cha Cha to practice her dance. Sugar Grammy is moving back to California just in time for the big day. Liv has missed her.

It is sooo obvious that Jack is approaching the terrible twos. It's gonna be painful! He thinks he is a big kid and can do what everyone else is doing. He destroys my house as quickly as I clean it up. He got bit at daycare and has now decided to give biting a try. Good news is he has not assaulted anyone with his teeth in the past week. The only time he slows down is to watch Yo Gabba Gabba. We affectionatley call it baby crack. We've thankfully DVR'd every episode. Have you ever really watched it? It is totally whacked! The writers of the show must be seriously high when thinking up this stuff.

It looks like Damian will be going to UCLA to get an opinion on his eye. We both will be so relieved when we get some answers. He has been toughing it out at work. It's still hard for him to work at a computer and not being able to see the screen well. He is also assistant coaching Nick's baseball team. Needless to say, all I ever hear about is baseball from them. I am thankful for this time they have together!

I am teaching Summer School for two weeks and the week after I am finished I have a week long math training. I am surprisingly super swamped with the photography business. I haven't posted much about it here as I figured you can go read the photography blog. I am working almost every night editing. I am already booked into the Summer. I have another wedding booked and a few more possibly in the works.

So our big plans for the Summer include baseball, maybe a beach trip, probably a Disneyland trip, Jared and Daddy going to Scout Camp, and cleaning my house. So exciting, I know! L8R!