Friday, August 20, 2010

"Meet the Teacher Day" and "A Peek into my Classroom"

So today was Meet the Teacher Day for Olivia. Fortunately for her, she knows her teacher quite well. That's because I will be her teacher this year. Woot, Woot! Now before you pass judgment on this decision, I should let you know that I was also Jared and Nick's Kindergarten teacher and it was a truly special time for us that I will forever treasure! Many teachers at my school site have done this and talked me into it many moons ago. For the record, I am harder on my own children than the others and have very high expectations of them. There are no favorites in my classroom. My kids have always called me Mrs. Wolff during school hours, never once calling me mom. It is my gift to them for me not being able to be a stay at home mom. AND I get to take all the credit for teaching my kids how to read and getting them above grade level!!!!!!

The kids and parents that I have met today were fantastic!!! What a great group!! Seven kids did not show for Meet the Teacher- Yikes, that is scary!!! I know two of the seven that did not show. Pray for me that the five wild cards will not eat me alive next week!!! Here's hoping that there wasn't something toxic in the water in 2005 that made kiddies go wrong!!! There was definitely something bad in the water for most of last year's group!

Olivia wanted to share with you her goodies from the day.

Her First day of School Kit

Her daily binder AKA a B.E.A.R. binder (Bring Everything Always Ready)

I love my room this time of year because it is perfect (until 30 minutes into Monday Morning). I lovingly call the decor once everything falls apart "organized chaos". I usually have lots of piles...everywhere. After school is usually my attempt at damage control and even then it just isn't the same.

All I have left is to fill out my lesson plans. Just going to enjoy my last few days of freedom. Here's to a great year!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Worthen Family Project

Two of my dearest friends, Josh and Sarah Worthen have had to endure some unbelievable challenges in their lives. Josh is an Air Force veteran and a brain cancer survivor. He recently learned that his tumor is growing again and the cancer is back after eight years in remission. The growing tumor is causing seizures and a lot of pain. He goes to UCLA next week for surgery to have as much of the tumor removed as possible. Chemo will follow. If that wasn't enough, they recently had baby number five and have a nine year old daughter, Lauryn, who is physically disabled, unable to move on her own, and unable to speak. They live in a two story home in which the bathrooms and bedrooms are upstairs. Doctor's have ordered Josh to no longer carry his sweet Lauryn upstairs to be in her bedroom or to bathe.

Friends and family have rallied together this week to start the Worthen Family Project to take care of the many needs of the Worthen's. A facebook page and blog have been set up to keep friends and family near and far updated on the project, what help is needed, and ways to donate either supplies or money to the family. We have already secured building plans, permits and donated building materials/labor to build out the dining room as a new bedroom for Lauryn downstairs. This is an amazing gift to them, but more help is needed. The room outside the new bedroom will need to be painted. The ceilings are very high and it will not be an easy task for the layman to paint. There is a small bathroom downstairs, but a full bath is needed so that Lauryn can be bathed. The family's stove/oven is not working along with their garage door. That door will need to be working so building supplies can safely be stored inside. They family also is in need of a kitchen table.

Josh, up until recently had been unemployed for 18 months. About two months ago, Josh had found a great job and we all celebrated as we thought they finally will get a moment's peace free of hard times. Unfortunately, that time was brief as they soon discovered the cancer had returned. They are still recuperating financially from being unemployed. Now with Josh having to take time off from his new job to beat cancer a second time, financial challenges are sure to follow.

Yet through it all, their faith in God is unwavering, and their courage and positive attitude as they deal with this trial is inspiring. They are always laughing, smiling, and finding humor in each day. They are truly amazing and humble. I love the quote Josh's sister shared "Today's tests are tomorrow's testimonies" (who she quoted, I cannot remember). That is how they embrace these trials, as something that will strengthen their testimonies.

Josh's parents are currently serving a mission (LDS) in Louisiana. Josh and Sarah have asked that they remain where they have been called to, continue the Lord's work, and have faith in His plan for them all.

We are trying to get as many of their needs met as possible. We would also like to do some special things for their children to comfort them while their parents are away for the surgery. The needs are great and the task to meet those needs will be a challenge.

Many friends and family have created a facebook page and a blog to keep everybody up to date on their needs. There is information on how to donate money, time, or materials to the project on the blog.
Below are the links to the facebook page and the blog.They were recently set up so we are still working out the kinks. If you are inspired to help, please check them out.
Family blog they tried to start up, but we hijacked it ;0)

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I am failing miserably this summer in keeping up with my blog.
We've been busy with:

snare drum lessons
dance class
swim lessons
(most of the above mentioned is subsidized by the sugar granny. Thanks Mommy!)
photography sessions
job hunting
(to name a few)

Here is an update (the short version):

Damian just finished a several month gig with the Census Department. They loved him so much they kept him on for several operations. What's not to love?

As for his eyes, he has had a regression. He is fully dependant on his glasses (boo!) but can see 20/20 with them on. He is back on steroids, but a less potent type as they fear he will develop cataracts if he stays on the beefed up one. We are hoping this works! If not, it sounds like they will be scraping his scar tissue off with a laser. If that doesn't work, it is a partial cornea transplant. YIKES!!!!!!

Damian starts August 19th as a temp claim rep for the County Superintendent's office. Oh how I wish it were permanent!!!! I am crossing my fingers that they will love him so much that they will find a way to keep him. We have been strategizing all the different ways he can kiss hineys. First Friday...chocolate popcorn. Another company has been inquiring a lot about him for a data analyst position. It has the potential to make more money than I do (say what?). Yes, I have been fantasizing about this job and hope it pans out!!!!! I really really need a new washer and dryer. That electromagnetic black cloud of death still lingers over my house!

We're poor so we didn't go anywhere. Unemployment sucks!

Jack tells everyone his name is Chuck ("Minemis Chuck"). Can't quite get that /j/sound. He refuses to potty train.

I have been busy taking pictures and spent the last week in my classroom getting ready for the new group of kindygarten kids.

So exciting, I know! I am sure we will drop from exhaustion by the end of the week.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's a Birthday Party!!!

Scrap Matters is turning 3 and we want to celebrate!!! Lots of fun things going on over at Scrap Matters so be sure to check it out! We are also giving away presents by way of blog train! Woot!!!! I whipped up a fun little frame cluster using the collaboration kit "Cupcakes & Candles" by our fantastic design team.

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Spend $20.00 in the store this weekend and the kit is yours for FREE!
I am stop #45 on the blog train. You should have came from Jill's Blog.
Your next stop is Becky's Blog.
If you get lost along the way here is the link to Scrap Matters blog to get yourself back on track.

Happy Scrapping!