Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One! Singular Sensation...

Yesiree!! It's that most wonderful time of year again where little girls dress up like hoochie mamas and wear streetwalker make-up. No not Prom, but dance recital time!!!

A few thoughts:

I have one cute little mama here!

Make-up application...much easier this year!

Outfit...I must admit it is pretty cute!

Money spent...ouch!

Outfit doubles as reflector, assistant not necessary. Look at that warm glow on her skin!

Family at home with flu...check!

Has Oli gotten the flu yet?? Of course not!

Please pray for us that this little girl can make it to her recital this weekend! Otherwise we will have one heartbroken little girl and one disappointed mommy!

Dress rehearsal down, two performances to go!

Six year olds shouldn't look like this! Correction, my six year old shouldn't look like this!


Father's Day and the Cool Gift

We had a quite and relaxing day/weekend! My Aunt stayed with us for the weekend and she treated us all to John's Incredible Pizza Saturday night (thanks Aunt Patsy!)! Jack kept calling her Grandma, then she became Grandma Aunt.

I was sick ;0( with the flu! It was gross!!! I tried to go to church and pop by my dad's. Wasn't going to happen.

I saw a really cute idea on a designer's blog about creating an album for dad. So I took that idea and made it my own. Her's was a template album and I wasn't going to pay for it when I have my own digi skillz (although I ended up not going fancy with it). Here is the great part, Shutterfly had sent me a coupon for a free 8X8 hard cover album. Not that I wanted to be cheap, we just are really trying to watch our money. All I had to pay for was shipping.

Each kiddo got 1-2 personal pages with a picture and a question or statement they needed to finish. The kids used a fine point sharpie to write their thoughts/statements about their dear old dad in the album. Here are a few of the pages:

Sorry the pics aren't the greatest, but I really wanted to get this post up before July. Baby girl wanted to show you all the book. She was really quite insistent.

The hubs seriously got teary eyed when he opened and read it. Really, he did. Yay us!!! We rocked the gift this year!

For dessert we made fresh hot brownies topped with Dewar's peppermint ice cream and hot fudge. We also got some lemon flake ice cream for another night. YUM!

Now to figure out how to top this gift next year!??

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kindergarten Celebration

I, being a kindergarten teacher, have a hard time with the idea of a Kindergarten Graduation. They are just starting a lifetime of education. ALSO, there are a few kiddos that are retained so why would we have them graduate, right? So instead, we have a "Celebration" to recognize the hard work all of our kindy babies have made. We still do a cap and gown picture for those that must have them (and yes, I did order some anyway), but doesn't a "Celebration" sound like more fun? It is!!!

I CANNOT believe how fast this year has went by! I get a little teary eyed thinking about what a privilege it has been to have my own baby girl in my class and to watch all of the leaps and bounds she has made!! I will forever treasure this time with her and sad that it is over (really!). I also get to take all the credit for teaching her how to read (in fact all but one of my kiddos is reading beautifully-WOOHOO!). I hope that as an adult she can look back and have some wonderful memories of this time we have spent together!

She is in the front row because she is a shorty, not because she is my baby! Do you think I play favorites????

This year, I introduced the class to Mr. Harry's Kindergarten Channel. He has tons on music videos geared towards the kindergarten standards that my class fell in love with. So of course we had to add the music and videos to the program. We sang "The President", "The Number Rock", and "The Days of the Week" TV style. Lots of giggle from the parents when the kiddies would bust a move (yes, we danced too)!

Oli and her bestie

She's moving on to 1st grade! I am so proud of my girl!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Olivia's Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

Another epic birthday party for one of the Wolff kids! I don't know who had more fun, me or the kids? Olivia's request this year was a tea party. Since we don't drink (or care for) tea, we went for a Wonderland theme. This was months in the planning!!!

The details:

The "Out of the Box Photo Booth" included costumes for the kiddies to dress up in. Most of the girls wanted to be the Queen of Hearts??? Maybe they didn't realize she was the bad guy?

Olivia contends that this was the best birthday party ever!!! She is currently planning her 8th birthday party as she already has her 6th and 7th planned.

Thanks to everyone that made her birthday so special!

End of the School Year Happenings

May is crazy!!!!!! I really don't know how we made it through all of the events with our sanity intact!

We had the big boy's band concert. They did great!

Nick received a 4.0 gpa this past quarter

He is getting money towards his prescription sports goggles and a cell phone as his reward for all his hard work.

He maintained a 3.96 gpa for the whole year and was honored at our school's Principal's List banquet. Way to go Nick!

Nick and Mrs. White. We love her!

Kind of bittersweet for us as this was his last year at school with me. He has a few weeks to decide if he wants to go to the neighborhood school or the middle school my district feeds into. He is leaning towards the neighborhood school because they have a GATE program. I am having a little bit of separation anxiety just thinking about him not near me.

Jared finished the year on honor roll. Yay Jared!

We don't have honor roll for Kindy kids, but if we did, Oli would be on it. She is one of my top readers and is reading at a high first grade reading level. She is quite the smarty pants! She tells me often that she never ever wants to leave my class and wants me to be her teacher forever. Could someone please hand me a box of kleenex?!

I am so proud of all my children!!! I am a lucky mom!

Happy Bday Oli!

We celebrated Oli's special day with dinner at IHOP, a giant cookie, and a present. She chose to have her party at a later date so that her grandma could come. My baby girl is growing up way to fast!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Disneyland & California (Part III)

Just a few highlights from our trip:

Snapped a few pics while waiting for the big boys and Sugar Granny to get off of Indiana Jones ride. Aren't they cute???

We assumed our trip would be chock full of rider switch passes and then we realized...Jack is over 40 in. !!! Only two rides he and Olivia couldn't get on the entire trip! Yay! Rider switch, a thing of the past!

Yes, we took him on Space Mountain and Tower of Terror and he loved it!!! He asked to go again!

Not only was this a first for Jack, but our shrimpy dude had a first also! Nick was FINALLY tall enough to drive his own Autopia car!


Jack and Oli were dying to see Rapunzel. We seriously waited like 20 minutes to see her. We usually wait 45-65 minutes to see characters on their turf. Jack kept yelling in line outside her tower "Ra-punzel! Let down your Hai-r!". As soon as we were let into the tower, Jack pushed past his sister and ran to Rapunzel to give her a big bear hug.

This could be a family picture, right?

Jack kept calling Flynn, Eugene. Flynn didn't get it. I think I need to call and complain to Disneyland P.R. that Eugene didn't do his homework!

Olivia declared that she is never cutting her hair ever, ever, again!

A quick ride on the carousel

and then the teacups. I don't do teacups!

The following day was spent at California. We had a short wait for "The Mouse"

and met a nice man who had the same camera as me-SCORE! Family picture!

We made Sugar Granny Ride California Screaming. Look at her face! Bwahaha! We told her it wasn't that bad! She called us liars afterwards! Score!!

Can't wait to go back!!!