Friday, April 30, 2010

Wow! I scrapped!

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Three Weeks!!!!

Has it been three weeks since I posted???? Seriously??? Wow, I must be crazy busy! You'd be proud of me. I am learning to say no to things or letting things go because I have come to the realization that I am not Superwoman.

Well maybe I am. My plate is still pretty full.

Remember my attempt @ P365? So over. I use to be on three creative teams. Now I am only on one. People have been trying to schedule photography sessions and I have a waiting list. I am still beyond busy with that. It's a necessity.

Damian is up for the most superbly, fantastic, perfect, dream job. So much better than the last (and with their competition)! Mwahahaha! We could use your good thoughts and prayers. It would be the fish that got away if he doesn't get it. We will know in two long weeks. This new job would make our lives easier. I am running out of steam these days. He was offered another job Thursday with a really great company. The sucky part is that it was only $18.00 an hour and he would be working 12 hour days reporting to the van pool by the airport at 4:30 to drive over an hour away and home late every night. I simply cannot work any harder than I already am. This job, although grateful for the offer is not worth the stress for that pay ($34,000 a year). Is that all a Bachelor's Degree Magna Cum Laude is worth these days? I would have to work the photography business more than I already am in less time than I already have with less help on top of regular life. After paying daycare we would make less than what he gets from unemployment. I am tired just thinking about that scenario.

Damian will be working as a Census taker on nights and weekends. There was some snafoo with him failing his criminal background check. Someone (federal government) seemed to think he had an arrest record. I had fun teasing him about it because we all know what a boy scout he is. He didn't appreciate my jokes.

I am going to spend a few hours with the fam watching Avatar (or as Livi callas it Lavatar). Off to pop popcorn!

My Other Kid is Totally Freakin Awesome Also!

You all know Jared. He is totally awesome! He plays five instruments.

He is in the middle school drumline with these guys

He plays these things

I am musically inept so you'll have to ask Jared what they are.

Here is Jared performing at the area division of PPAAC finals last weekend

Here is Jared's school taking the first place title!!!!!

Did I mention how totally freakin awesome this kid is?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had some wonderful family time this weekend! Damian cracks me up! Even though we had General Conference this weekend (for you non LDS peeps- listening to the words of our Prophet and Apostles from home), he had the kids up and dressed in their Easter clothes ready for our egg hunt. They woke me up to tell me the EB came & they were ready to go. I think he did it to make up for last year's Oildale Easter where no one got dressed (as we were sick) and Jack ran around hunting for eggs wearing only a saggy, pee-pee diaper. Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter and took time to turn our thoughts to our Savior and His love for us all! Here is our weekend in pictures: