Friday, September 24, 2010


Two years from now, do you think she'll love homework as much as she does now???

Probably not. Especially since I am a teacher (and pencil grip Nazi).

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack!!!

My baby is three!! I cannot believe it!!! Remember this?

I miss this!!!!

So to celebrate Jack turning three and his love for all things Toy Story, we had a Buzz Lightyear party!!

Another shout out to the Sugar Granny for helping to make this party happen!!! Jack loves animals, so we invited Mary back from My Pony Go Round. Jack was born in the year of the pig so he was right at home in the animal pen.

Thanks to everyone for making my little boy's day a special one!

"First Day of School" or "Back into the Swing of Things" ?

Getting back to school has really kicked us all in the hiney! Settling back into a routine and getting as many things done as humanly possibly is a challenge. We are all exhausted and 8:30 bedtimes for us all happens during the week, for now. My house looks like a tornado hit. Daddy is working (albeit at a temp position). We are happy. Hoping Daddy is asked to stay on full time! It's a great job! They really like him and he really likes them (and I really like the pay!).

Jared started the 7th grade this year. He also started that moody pre-teen angsty stuff. He also informed me he has hit puberty. Not looking forward to mass quantities of food being consumed. He is loving band and Scouts. I love that he is old enough to sit with the kids for short periods of time while I run an errand, or go out for a quick bite to eat with daddy! We got him a cell phone for excellent grades (and safety concerns). He makes the most hilarious videos on his phone! Jared now can be found on facebook!

Nick, my big 5th grader. My happy-go-lucky, brainiac, baseball stud. He can do anything he sets his mind to (just like his mom). We just rented a trumpet so he too, can be in band. He is a star in all that he does! He is also the typical middle child whining about the injustice of not being able to have a cell phone or facebook account.

My baby girl, Olivia started Kindergarten this year. She loves it! She loves spending all day with me at work! Perks of taking my kiddos to school with me rock! She is a model student and very smart (so her teacher, Mrs. Wolff says). I just have to keep her from giving out our phone number to the other classmates. No phone calls yet, thankfully!

Jack, AKA "The Devul". Stubborn, yet sweet. Daring and independent. He took Olivia's place in preschool two days a week. I thought it really important he start since he will be so close to the new cut off date for kindergarten (five by September 1st, this is a good thing people). Not sure if I will start him when it is time since his birthday will be two days from the new cut-off. We will just wait and see. He is a lover and a fighter! He spends his non-school days with Stacy, the big boy's daycare provider once upon a time. Jack is in the best care which allows mommy to be worry free during the day!

Hoping for a great year!!! We could use a breather!