Sunday, October 28, 2007

Plan B Weddings

As many of you know, my good friend Steph owns a photography studio and I help her out with her business by coordinating displays of her artwork in hospitals and high end kiddie couture stores. On occasion I shoot community events and weddings. She's trying an experiment with her business. She is in demand and many people who want her to shoot for them just can't afford her. So she asked a few of her friends/ employees who have shot for her before if we would be interested in providing more affordable photographer services. So her idea of Plan B photography (a division of Inky-Dinky-Do ) was born. I recently helped to shoot a wedding this month and here are a few of my images. If you know of a deserving bride, please contact me and I'll give you Steph's contact information. Steph is looking for three more weddings this year to use as training for those of us who will shoot as Plan B.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Mommy, I Hope he Loves Baseball!"

Nick has been making the cutest comments lately! He was telling me how much he loves Jack and that it makes him sad that Jared doesn't like baseball. Jared has played several sports, but ends up not impressed with his experiences. He is my child that enjoys art, music, books (anything creative really). We always give him the opportunity to play, but he turns us down. This disappoints Nick. So Nick, after telling me how much he loves Jack tells me " Mommy, I hope he (Jack) loves baseball like me so we can play together!" My heart melted hearing of Nick's hopes for his baby brother. So, in honor of Nick's love of baseball, we took baseball pictures of Jack in our great room with all of Nick's baseball stuff. I'll probably scrapbook this in a layout for both the boy's scrapbooks and in my scrapbook. Everyone has to have their own, you know, so that when I die, nobody fights over the pictures.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Padres vs. The Yankees

Nick's team played the Yankees this weekend! From what I understand, the Yankees are the best team this season. The Padres did an awesome job! I don't usually keep score, but in the end, Nick's team was down by about 3 points. In other words, they did awesome! Nick and his buddies thought they won. Who am I to burst their bubble? One of the grandma's at the game pointed out something to me. EVERY time Nick is catcher (which is for most of the game) he crosses his fingers behind his back (see photo). I asked him if there was a reason and he said "For luck". Too stinkin' cute! On another note, I watched general conference today and was impressed by President Eyring's talk. He stated (and I hope I get this right, but here is the gist of it) that Heavenly Father doesn't always give us experiences just for us, so write it down. I got a little teary eyed as did Damian as we thought about documenting our family history not only for the significant moments, but maybe some of the more mundane moments. These experiences may be more significant than we think. So maybe our kids can look back at journals, blogs, scrapbooks, etc... and find something they may need when they are grown. On a more humorous note, the first presidency has further strengthened my argument for hoarding scrapbook materials and keeping the office as more of a scrapbooking space.

Jack's Visit with Stephanie

Jack and I went to Steph's house for a visit yesterday. Steph updated pictures of Jack for us. Jack was so happy to be there that he, too wanted to visit and we patiently had to wait for him to fall asleep. Needless to say, Steph and I had a great visit! Steph, you spoil our family way too much!! XXOO!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What's Up!?!

I thought it's about time for a Wolff Pack update. I also figured I might as well get as much blogging in before I go back to work as I may not have a whole lot of time on my hands (or energy). Jack is great! He is 5 weeks old today! I must say, he is the easiest of all of my babies! He is beginning to smile and his cheeks are becoming quite chubby! He wakes up twice to feed at nights, but goes right back to sleep! He definitely shows his preference to Mommy, but that could be because I am his food source. Olivia is as cute as ever! She is having a hard time sharing what was once her time. We are having lots of tantrums, drama, and have put potty training on hold. Nick started cub scouts this week. He is very excited! They went to a local school to plant some flowers. He loves that his BFF Scott is in his group! Our ward is much smaller now as a new ward was created in our stake and to do this, families from our ward were moved. Both Nick and Jared's scout group was reduced to 3-4 kids. This weirds us out as our ward was typically one of the biggest in our stake. Nick turns eight this month and is preparing to be baptized. He started baseball a little rusty this fall and is coming out of his rut. He plays catcher for his team and is quite good at it. He is doing well in school and has won the heart of his teacher and seems to be the life of the party at school. I am not sure if that is good or bad, I'll get back to you on that. Jared is doing well in school. His progress report was excellent. He got two B's and all A's. We are very proud of him. He wants to start piano again so we are on the hunt for a new teacher as one teacher stopped teaching and Kiahna moved away:0(. He loves being a Bear Scout and is super excited that he now gets to go to Matthew's house for scouts. If you've seen Matthew's house, you know why.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Baby Announcement

Here is the fabulous baby announcement that our friend Steph at Inky-Dinky-Do made for us. The picture was taken a few days after birth (along with the snail picture from an earlier post). We can't thank her enough for her time, effort, and creativity! We'll treasure these pictures forever!