Friday, January 28, 2011

OMGEE!!!!! I Have A Teenager!!!!!!!

Somebody pinch me!!! I can't believe it!! Jared is 13!!!! Yesterday he was in my kindergarten class. Now he is the same height as me and has bigger feet than me! I think I might cry! Before I know it, he'll be going on a mission and getting married. In the meantime I'll be looking for a third job to cover the ever growing grocery bill.

I love this kid crazy!!! He is a wonderful son and an excellent example for his sibs.
He continues to work hard and do well in school, attend scouts, and go to an extra band period every morning. But wait, here's the best part...BABYSITTING!!! Now I can go to Zumba when Damian is not home! Woot! The perks of having a teenager (there aren't many so I gotta milk this one)!!

Tonight we had cake and he opened his card (con un gift cardo). In our not so copious spare time this weekend we'll be shopping for video games and a new backpack (RIP old one), and ordering an old school N64 game system (his bday wish, weird I know!). Love you tons Jared! I hope your day was fantastic!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!!!!!

I'd like to tell you all that my New Year's Eve was exciting, but really it was mellow. We had China Bistro for dinner (yumm-o). Nick and Damian played Starcraft and Jared continued to make his ipod playlist. Jack played Sly Cooper(he is obsessed with that game). I had hoped to ring in the new year with some bubbly(Martinelli's of course)and had wanted to play some skip-Bo as a family. However, Olivia and I fell asleep watching Hairspray (newer version). Yes, we were the party poopers! I told Damian that my crashing out was from the sheer exhaustion of 2010!

I vaguely remember hubby kissing me on the forehead wishing me a Happy New Year, the sound of fireworks outside and the jerky neighbors screaming "Happy F*&%^$# New Year!" We ended up having an impromptu slumber party in the front room.

We did want to start 2011 off with a new do

and a sweet picture of my boys.

Well, at least my big boys were willing to humor me.

Olivia got a party hat also!

Despite the tough times brought in 2010, there were some fabulous moments! I'll admit I won't be missing 2010 a whole lot, but I am hopeful that 2011 will be better to our family! Hoping this new year has wonderful things in store for you and your family as well!!