Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July

Nothing special this year, which was nice! Went to our ward's pancake breakfast on Saturday. Not a lot of people there. Tons of leftover food so we got to take some watermelon and bacon home (which was devoured by my little piggies by nightfall).

Grandma and her boyfriend came over for a BBQ and fireworks (thanks for the fireworks guys!). Since we didn't have a working refrigerator, we kept the menu simple. Damian made bbq chicken on the grill, we had sweet corn on the cob, fingerling potatoes w/ Lipton onion soup mix and E.V.O.O., and raspberry pretzel jello salad. No leftovers. Surprised?

We have a couple of new neighbors. All party people almost all the time, and their guests ALWAYS park in front of my house. Fortunately they aren't too noisy, so far. I am fine once in a while when that happens, but when it is all the time it becomes annoying. I'd like for my guests or clients with babies to be able to have easy access to my house. I like to watch fireworks from my lawn and not my dirty gutter full of gunk (gunk compliments of one said neighbor). My mom was miraculously able to park the car in front of my house at the right time and was able to secure that spot for fireworks later.

Jack was naughty again. He wanted to run into the street and play with the fireworks. So we had to take turns staying in the house with him. He wasn't up for pictures either. Maybe next year.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Creative Team Stuff

I had this vision of having a a restful, quiet summer. I have been crazy busy, as always filling my time with things more important than doing nothing. More photography sessions then planned, spring cleaning a season late, cleaning up my hard drives, and creative team duties. The whole unemployment thing and dead refrigerator thing has been really stressful and sucked up time! Going on week two without ice in 100+ heat is not fun! Figured I'd post my June pages in one post since my time is not so copious.

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