Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm a Hunnie!!!!!!

I have joined the creative team of another fantastic designer!!!!! Check it out:

I am a Haynay Hunnie!!! And so is Kiahna!! It'll be fun to do this w/ my BFF! This weekend is National Scrapbook Weekend!!!! YAY!! I'll be hanging out with my paper friends at the local scrapbook store, trying to squeeze in the digi fun, and shooting a few photography sessions! Stay tuned as I'll be posting some cool stuff this weekend! I'll even have freebies!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Even Better News...

We have hot water!!!!!!! I took a HOT shower this morning and it was heavenly! No more boiling pots of water for baths. Two weeks and two shady plumbers later (third plumber was the charm)!!!!!! Don't ask me how much it cost. I'll cry. Let's just say the laptop I was soooo close to getting is a pipe dream.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cool News!!

I made the cr8tive team for one of my fave digi designers and I am sooooo excited!!!

Here is WM2's(squared) official announcement:

I am aka abcmomof4 on the internet
You can check her store out at Scrap Matters here.

Here is Wendy's new kit:

and here is what I made so far with it:

Did I mention that I was excited?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I made...

eight!!!!! I created eight layouts in less than a week. I actually have a few more. One I will post tomorrow with some really cool news. I feel so productive! Enjoy!









I think we are broken!

Why oh why must everything fall apart at once?!?

* The crap-moblie is now running, but had been down 3 times in the past year. It sat for a few months at one point. It recently went back into the shop two weeks ago and only cost us almost $500.00.

* The T.V. in my room died. Don't get me started on that one. Try telling Jack no Yo Gabba Gabba while trying to watch Chuck.

*Damian's left eye is bad and he has to go see a specialist in San Diego. I had to cringe upon hearing "experiemental treatment". It's hard for him to go to work right now.

* Outlets in master bath went wonky and short circuited 2 really nice hair dyers. Good news, traded out photos for electrical work.

* Water heater had a blow out. What the $%#@!! My house is only four years old!
Haven't had a shower in too embarassed to say. Part is ordered and prayerful it will be up and running before the weekend. FYI- I will suck it up and take a cold shower tonight. Don't worry, you won't have to smell me if you see me tomorrow. Dad said we could come over, but Olivia is throwing up. That would be mean to Dad and Barb to infect their household!

* Neighbor kids broke our window a while back. Fortunately, they paid for it.

* Summer computer/EHD crash. BAD Memories!!!!!! Like losing a loved one!

* Nick's glasses. May they rest in peace.

* Jared taking a car magnet to my sleek front black fridge. Sigh!

* Oh yeah, I think I have a hernia. Not surprised after four kiddos. In my not so spare time gotta make an appointment to the doc.

* The Tahoe needed new tires. Four of them!

All this in less than a year.
Bye-bye savings! Hello Summer School! Fortunatley, I scored a wedding this month (a pretty one I am so excited for).
I am not meaning this to be a pity party, but if Damian or I forget our own names or smell, you know why.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vacation-Day 3

We headed to Downtown Disney for a little shopping and some breakfast. We always have a meal at the Rainforest Cafe and we learned they now serve breakfast. Perfect!
They even sat us next to the gorilla. We thought it was great until Jack was freaking out to the point we could hardly get him to eat.

Next stop, the Lego Store!! Jared is fanatical about Lego's and I am convinced he dreams about them. He informed me that the best job to ever have would be working as a Lego designer. He'd be great at it! He had saved all his money to spend there and didn't once think about spending it anywhere else. Nick on the other hand had only $25.00 left by the time we got there. I am surprised he was able to get something at that price. Here are a few pics from their out of body experience:

After finishing with our shopping, we went to visit my Granny in Riverside. We planned a concert for her, but she wasn't up to leaving her room. I think they over did her medication, she could hardly stay awake. Olivia hid behind a door and Jack was upset we interrupted his nap. We kept our visit short but was able to squeeze in a mini concert from Jared and his saxophone. Nick shared his fishing pictures and most recent baseball trophy. Sorry no pictures. I was really focused on Granny time.

So, after wrapping up with Granny, we headed to the beach to spend the afternoon and play. But most importantly, I wanted to update photos of my little ones. So many faves to choose from! Here are a few that have been edited:

I have a picture of all four of them , but I am saving it for my blog makeover so stay tuned!
I think Jack had the most fun at the beach. Who wouldn't love eating rocks/sand and getting wet and dirty? He was in constant motion which made it hard to get pics. The big boys would get upset when I would ask them to pose for me. That was not their bag this time. Now Olivia was more than willing to let me. Train'em young I tell ya! She was the perfect model!
The weather was just divine and I am so ready to return to this location!! If I win the lotto, purchasing some beach front property is first on my list!

So that was our jam packed, fun-filled, exhausting vacation. I wish we were able to do this more often!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

6th Folder/6th Picture

Interrupting my vacation posts for a sec. Just Proving to my BFF that I do read her blog. I didn't count client's folders so I went to my 6th folder. This photo is from Jared's ll year old pics downtown. I may have posted this one already. I can't remember. Anywho, enjoy!

Day 2 @ Disneyland

We were able to drag our butts out of bed and get to Disneyland a little before 9 am. The weather was beyootiful!! It had rained the night before. The first thing we did was upgrade to annual passess. A great deal people! It's $134.00 for So. Cal. residents. Cheaper than a three day hopper. Plus you get meal and merchandise discounts. There was no line for them. Last time we waited two hours in the line so we were all over that!
We ran over to the Nemo ride as there are no fast passess and there is usually a two hour wait. We waited a little over 30 minutes. It was cute. We then noticed that Autotopia had a fifteen minnute wait. Could this be for real??? I had to pinch myself! Spring Break @ Disneyland with little line waiting? Nick had a hissy fit as he was not tall enough to be a single rider and had to go with Jared.

Space Mountain had a fifty minute stand by wait so we ran to get our fast passes. They weren't good until 5:45 pm. Lucky us for getting them in the morning. Nick REALLY wanted to do Jedi Training Academy. So we hung out a few minutes for the next show. We had prime seating for picture taking!! Olivia said she said she wanted to do it also so I advised her to jump and scream and say "pick me!". So who of all my children gets picked for the show? Of course the not so shy Olivia. She happily runs up to get her Jedi robe and light saber. Yet again, Nick is pouting and declaring the injustice of it all. Olivia was soooo cute and TRIED to do everything her Jedi Master asked.

Olivia was incessantly, non-stop, and ever increasingly asking "When do we get to see Cinerella?" (yes, say it as it is spelled). We needed to put ourselves out of our misery and just go. Damian and the boys went to play in Toon Town while Olivia and I waited 45 minutes to see the princesses. Good news, that was the longest wait of the day. We didn't get to meet Cinderella, but we did meet:

Good enough for her!

So of course the exit is designed to take you into a princess paradise (and parent nightmare). The Princess Faire was full of dresses, accessories, and a little beauty salon where they were doing beautiful face paintings. So of course, I had to indulge my only daughter and make all of her princess dreams come true!

Of course Nick's princess dreams came true also.

And mine!!!!!!!

Because I was living vicariously through my daughter, I ended up going a bit overboard.

We of course met Mickey,

got to hold a cute little pixie,

ride lots of fast rides,

and went to Hungry Bear for some of this:

A jam packed day with great weather, short lines, and fabulous memories. We were able to do just about everything we wanted to do and left the park a little after 10 pm. We hit the hay and slept in bit before a busy day 3 of vacation. I'll be back later to share. This post is already a mile long.