Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring is Here!!!!!

And so are our terrible allergies to go along with it! Unfortunately/Fortunately, our Spring season is way too short here in the armpit of California. Can't decide which it is! I wish the weather would stay like this a little bit longer because it is just GORGEOUS outside!!! I also want the pollen to go away! Can't win either way! If you are thinking about that outdoor session, let's get you booked before we hit the 100 degree mark. Ugh! I hate our summers also!

I couldn't resist taking my daughter out to the almond grove near my home!!! I found her adorable Easter dress at my favorite store on the planet...Target!! I would totally wear it if it were in my size! Too many fave images. Maybe these will convince you to book your session now :0)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Kid is Totally Freaking Awesome and I Just Gotta Brag!!!

So, remember when Nick announced to all you loyal readers that he won 2nd place in the district science fair?? Yesterday was the County Regional Competition and my little brainiac won 2nd place in the Mathematics, Engineering, and Games category. WOOT!! My kid rocks and I am so very proud of him!!! Since Damian is the interim stay at home parental unit, he had the privilege of taking Nick down to the convention center for the day. Damian was not allowed to be with him in the judging area so Nick and his friends (new and old) camped out by their projects until the judges made their rounds for interviews. Nick's classmate also placed yesterday and they were near each other the whole time. I think it made the process all the more fun for them. I, of course hustled my buns downtown as quick as my lead foot could drive me after school. I just missed the announcement of winners. But that is OK. Daddy did a pretty good job taking pics of Nick receiving his medal. Nick was also interviewed by channel 29 and made the 11 o'clock news. I DVR'd it so if you'd like to watch it, well come on over! Nick could hardly wait to tell his teacher and vice principal this morning. He and his little friend wore their t-shirts and medals and an announcement was made school-wide during morning announcements about this awesome achievement of our school's students.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

HE DID IT!!!!!!

I can rarely get this kid to look at the camera. I hadn't put my equipment or set away from yesterday. He got up in the chair and he said "cheese?". I knew I had a two minute window so I quickly threw on his jean jacket and snapped away. This little boy made me blissfully happy today!!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thrift Store Find of the Century!!!!!

Olivia and I went to the thrift store and found the coolest chair. It was stinkin' cheap!!! We got home and she BEGGED for me to take her pics in the chair. Who am I to argue with a willing subject???? Until I decide my favorite, these all count as day 65 for P365.

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Releases at ScrapMatters

I seriously neglected life this week. Heck, I deserve it! The kids lived on frozen pizza and chicken nuggets so I could play with all the Scrap Matters Designer eye candy I could get my hands on!!! I wanted it all!!!!! The Designers rocked it this week! So here is what I made. Enjoy!

Monday, March 1, 2010


I mean catch up. Yep, failing miserably at P365. However, I refuse to give up. So, I'll be missing a few days in that fabulous & swanky coffee table book I dream of having printed. Instead of P365, we'll just call it "Our Year in Pictures". Consider this your update on our crazy life as well

In early February, Damian and I traveled to UCSD to see a cornea specialist regarding Damian's laser eye surgery gone bad situation. We figured we might as well have a Disney date while we were that way and we already have season passes. LOVED not having to share my favorite Disney treats!!!! LOVED being able to go to our fave attractions/rides that we might have skipped from fear that people would stare at our naughty little children throwing tantrums. We rode California Screaming and Tower of Terror a bajillion times!! The big boys are too chicken to ride thrill rides. Whose children are they???? Most importantly, we enjoyed having some "ALONE" time. Much needed FOR SURE!! So glad I married a fellow Disney dork!!!!

We met up with a FABULOUS doctor in San Diego after our Disney date. We have a plan and we are confident in his course of treatment. We will keep you posted. Damian is supposed to return next week to see how the treatment is going. Still no job for Damian, but that is OK for now. I really think this time is needed to get his eyes fixed rather than finding a new job and having to take time off.

If you haven't been to Disney's Animation Academy at California, you gotta go!!!!!! Sooo cool!

EEEKKKK! My Vintage Pearl necklace came!!! I won this from one of their blog contests back in December. I have been drooling over this necklace for many months now. Winning it got my hubby off the hook. Lighting kind of sucked when I got home, but I decided to shoot in low light and to embrace the grain anyway. Kind of artsy and I like it!

Treated Olivia to a manicure today (while I got a pedi). Olivia has been working so hard to learn her letter sounds and sight words. She knows almost all of her letter sounds!!! Watch out Kindergarten! Here she comes! I can make my girl child blissfully happy for five dollars. She had to have pink with a coat of sparkle farkle over the top. I love having a girl!!!

There you have it!!!! Catch ya later!