Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Stuff

The neighbors got a kitten. I am not a cat person, but this kitty is super cute. She likes us better. I personally think she is too tiny to be roaming the streets. She likes to sleep on our porch. The kids think she is ours. I am not feeding her and she better not poop in our yard. Friendliest kitty I've ever met. Daddy wanted to play with the camera today. He is learning about focus dots.

Yes, I realize I have neglected my blog and some of you have filed informal complaints. I'll post some Halloween stuff and scrapbook pages and call it good for October. I have been busy shooting (pictures that is) kiddos and families.

Watched the new Star Trek movie last night. Pretty good! I thought the actors in the original series were kind of goofy, but the actors in the new movie, totally hot!!!! Yes, even Spock (I mean Sylar)!

I got a new haircut Friday night (see photo). I think I like it. In my opinion, I look younger. Decided bangs were cheaper than Botox. For now, I am growing it out until I hate it. I have a vision of long lush curls.

Nick took this picture of Livi and I today. He's not bad. Both the big boys have really taken an interest in taking pictures.

Sooo, I have been approached by some of my friends (and my husband) to help them learn to shoot with their DSLR's. I have decided to teach a beginners class so long as I have enough people interested. I want to keep it to a small group (5-8 people). If you are interested, leave me a comment or email me and I'll start a list. Also note what month would work best for you (Dec., Jan., or Feb.). The cost of the class will be $100.00. That's $25.00 a lesson, not bad, huh? You can make a deposit to hold your spot. You can make payments so long as you are paid in full by the first day of class. I am thinking we could meet at my house and on location over a four week period of time. Wouldn't this make the perfect Christmas gift? I could be persuaded to have it sooner rather than later. So, stalk me if you are interested. C-ya!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Passionate Twilight Moms

That's what Sarah calls us!! I don't know what is worse, screaming teeny boppers or screaming mommies? Sarah, her sister Emily, their niece Adrienne, Kiahna and I bought our tickets for the midnight showing of New Moon the day tickets went up for sell. We met up with other Twilight mommies we knew and secured most of the back row of the theater. We looked forward to this day for months!!!! We had so much fun! We decided to catch the showing of Twilight before the showing of New Moon. So glad we did! We avoided sitting for hours outside on the ground and getting too cold.

Longest 18 seconds in my life!

So now, for my thoughts on this movie. I will do my best to not give too much away for those of you that have not seen it. The movie rocked!!!! Remember my not so glowing review of Twilight (click here)? New Moon delivered just as I had hoped and prayed for!! No corny lines like "Hang on spider monkey", cheesy background music, or lame field trips. Bella sometimes did go a bit crossed-eyed when gazing at Edward, but I can get over that! Oh and Edward was HAWT! For the record, I am on Team Edward (see shirt above). Lusting after Jacob makes me feel a bit like a cougar. In my mind, he will always be Shark Boy.

Dakota Fanning was just the cutest Jane evah!! Yeah, I know she is evil and all, but she was just adorable! Special effects were off the hook. Most of Twilight's special effects SUCKED especially in comparison! The wolves!!! OMG! So cool! The Volturi scenes, just as I pictured it! The ending very cool! The director Chris Weitz has made us Twi-hards blissfully happy! New Moon...two thumbs up!!!

I took the day off of work to sleep in. I couldn't imagine being with my kindergartners on little sleep. I would have been crabby!

So there are less than 220 days until the release of Eclipse. The mommies are already planning the festivities for the midnight showing. Woot!

Nick is 10??!!??

I am really feeling old now!!!!! Nick turned 10 last month. I can't believe it!! How did this happen so quickly?? Nick is an amazing kid!!! Here are ten fabulous things about Nick (list compiled by parents so it may be biased):

10. Affectionate (still loves to snuggle-yay!)
9. Happy-go-lucky
8. Amazing baseball player
7. Driven
6. Brilliant (really!)
5. Goof Ball
4. Honest
3. A good friend
2. A fantastic brother
1. A wonderful son

We kept his birthday mellow this year. We had went to Disneyland a few days before his actual birthday. The following weekend, we had a two friends over for cake, video games, and a sleep over.

I love this kid!!!! I am truly blessed to be his mother!

Yummy baby Nick!! Looks just like Jack, huh?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Digital Scrapbook Day!!!

I've got your blog train freebie here!! Sorry I am bit bit slow in getting this post up. I have been having internet connection issues since late last night and some sickie poos in the house. I whipped up a little element cluster for you:

Here's your link.

Don't forget to join us for all the DSD festivities at Scrap Matters

Your next stop on the blog train is Jaime.

Don't forget-Scrap Matters is having a HUGE sale and if you spend $15.00 you get this amazing collaboration kit for FREE! Happy Scrapping!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Disney Halloween Party

So much blogging to catch up on!!! I couldn't go into November without updating our ever-so-exciting lives!!!!! Well, it's now time for the long awaited Disney post. We were in desperate need of family time and figured we might as well go to the Happiest place on Earth since we are season pass holders! Aside from the joys of taking a two year old to Disneyland and the crowds, it was an awesome trip!! We spent Friday and Saturday at Disneyland and spent Friday evening at California for Mickey's Halloween Party. The kids loved it!! They wore their Halloween costumes and trick-or-treated as we roamed the park. Jack crashed out as soon as we started to gitusumcandeee! We left with more candy than humanly possible to consume. Adults were even given bags to get candy. Was it tacky to save it to use for trunk-or-treating????

I have to comment on the crowds. Honestly Disneyland, you are getting too greedy!!! Stop letting so many stinking people in the park. I want to leave happy, not crabby! The park ended up hitting capacity Friday. Thank heaven California was only open to a limited number of guests for the party!!

We met up with our friends the Darlings so the little girls could have fun together. I think Jack scared them!! He is so awesome at being two!!

I *heart* Disneyland during the holidays! The park was beautiful and it made this trip and Halloween magical for us all!

Mental note, stick with going to Disneyland on Wednesdays and consider having grandma stay with Jack next trip. Here are a few pics.C-ya real soon!