Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great day! I stayed in my jammies all day! Damian and Nick went to our ward's turkey bowl and had left before I woke up. I hear they had an absolute blast. They came home all dirty and stinky. Bluck! Damian and I started cooking some of our dishes last night so that all we had to do was heat. Boy, does that help to make things less stressful! I love that my husband enjoys cooking with me! I think in his next life, he'll be an Iron Chef! He is such a Food Network junky! We watched the Jon and Kate Plus 8 Marathon as we cooked. My mom was off gallivanting with her new boyfriend and opted out of dinner with us this year. My dad went to visit my grandma who isn't doing well. So it was just our little family and a big fat turkey! It was nice to not be stressed out today! I must say, we had an amazing dinner!!! The menu this year included:

Turkey(of course)
Smashed Potatoes and Gravy
Sweet Potatoes
Chef Salad
Broccoli Salad
Funeral Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Yeast Rolls
Martinelli's in fancy glasses


Olivia could not get over drinking from a fancy glass, toasting, and constantly clinking her glass to daddy's while squealing "Cheers". For dessert, we had chocolate pumpkin pie. Well, there goes the 20 pounds of post baby fat I've lost since June! To my friends, family, and lurkers: I hope you had an amazing day! There is much to be thankful for! Hugs!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Here's my Two Cents!

Date Night! Woohoo! My dad came over to play with the kids and Damian and I went to see Twilight. If you haven't seen the movie but plan to, DO NOT READ THIS POST! I don't want to spoil it for you. I realize a movie can never be as good as a book, however there were times that I thought "This is so corny!". Never did I once think that when I read the books!!!!

I still liked it. Weird huh? I'd still tell people to go see it. I'll still buy the DVD when it comes out being the "Twi-hard" that I am. Can you imagine what people would think who have never read the books? The movie just didn't do the book justice. Here are some thoughts:

Totally bought into the movie version of Edward, Bella, Alice, Esme, and Emmett. James, Victoria, and Laurent's characters were cast well also!

Can't say the same for Rosalie, I did not picture her as a "fake blond" with an ample booty (not that that is bad, just not Rosalie). My vision of her was more angelic, and as a natural blond. Someone you wouldn't expect to be kick ass.

The only thing I couldn't get past about Carlisle was the fake blond hair as well, otherwise the actor did well. I almost would have bought more into him if the movie left out he was blond and let him be a brunette. It left out other tidbits.

Don't ya think Jasper looked like Edward Scissorhands?

Wasn't Bella's room yellow?

I wanted more kissing!! I was robbed! But boy was their first kiss Grrrr!!

Edward was HOT!!! Smokin! He could bite me anyday!

I don't think the movie did Bella and Edward's relationship justice.I felt as though it only skimmed the surface of some of the important stuff. It didn't suck me in as the book did.

Bella cooking dinner nightly for Charlie was important to their relationship. It shows how Bella felt she needed to take care of her dad. Important!

The high school boys acting like two-year olds in every scene they were in was overdone. Even when Jacob's dad and Bella's dad started goofing around outside bugged. CORNY!

What was the deal with the field trip? Compost tea and don't drink it? Corny, corny, corny!

The movie seemed rushed. The timeline was not established well. Their relationship grew over a significant amount of time. It felt like days not months. You can't get that sort of relationship in days.

So for the director's producers of the series, here is my two cents because I know they read my blog:

Follow the Harry Potter Plan for turning a movie into a book. It'll have to be longer, get a different director for the second movie, and give the author of the novel more power in the movie making process if not the final OK (I am assuming that Stephenie didn't get much say).

More kissing!!! More contact!!! Don't have the target audience be 14 year old LDS girls. Totally appropriate movie for them. I needed it to be more racy! Shoot for the 18-25 year old demographic. The younger kids have seen worse. Bella and Edward were tempted to go all the way in the book. The movie didn't sell that as much as it should have. I wanted to be inspired to go home and attack my hubby! Sorry, TMI!

I'll probably go see it again with notebook in hand. I am feeling the need to fact check.

All of the ingredients were there for an AMAZING movie. The producers, director, and screenwriter just didn't let it cook long enough.

I fully expect the second movie to wow! me. We loyal readers/fans deserve it. I cringe at the thought of the moviemakers not finishing the series for us because of poor reviews.What do you think?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Session up on Photography Blog

I think I've said this before, everyone loves the shack. Really, I have other locations!!! I've got an upcoming session at a park and downtown. The White's fell in love with this location. Who am I to argue? I was super excited to catch a sun flare at this session!!! Hop on over to my other blog and watch their slide show.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So, Where Have We Been?

So last we left off it was just before Halloween. I had these grand plans of taking the kids on our traditonal trip to the pumpkin patch the night before Halloween. This is the first year we didn't make it. I feel like a bad mother! We had a huge dust storm that night.I didn't mean to wait until the last minute, but our schedule has been insane! I couldn't take the kiddies out in the nastiness since we live in the valley fever capitol of the world.

Our church had trunk or treating on Halloween night. We had the fine dining experience of hot dogs and nachos, carnival games, and of course trunk or treating. Kiahna and her family met up with us there as well as our good friends the Lawson's. We figured we could visit the neighbors after, but we were so stinkin' tired and had more candy than we took to church, that we all (even the kiddies) decided to call it a night.

The photography business (aka my play job) is going well, in fact better than I have anticipated. I never really planned on starting this as a business. It just kind of happened on accident. I've been super busy since I started, which is good I guess. I am hoping to go live on my actual website soon. I keep ho-ing and hmm-ing about logos or pictures to showcase. I am just too anal! I had another wedding a few weeks back (will post some of those pictures later), several family sessions, Christmas cards to design, and a reception this weekend.

The kiddies are doing well. The little ones have adjusted well to daycare. Despite their homework drama every stinkin' night, the big boys are doing great! Their teacher's had nothing but positive things to say at their conferences. Jared made honor roll and Nick received all A's. Jared had his awards assembly today. I am very lucky to work at a school that allows me to farm out my kinder kiddies for a few minutes so I attend these types of things! Later that evening at Pack meeting, Nick received his Bear Cub Scout Badge. YAY for my boys! Catch ya later!