Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's a Miracle!!!

He finally let me take a picture!!!! Not my easiest subject and if he is not willing, I don't push it! Worth the wait for this mommy!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party

Yep, it's recital time once again. A big shout out to the Sugar Granny for helping to subsidize Olivia's dancing. She surely does love it and I love that this little girl LOVES to dance!!! This year she danced to Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party. She is so stinkin' cute. She is a good listener and is really getting musicality so her teacher let her be the line leader for the performance.

Recital time is a love/hate thing so I thought I'd entertain with a list of "loves" and "hates".

*They are just so stinkin' cute!

*The dance costume doubles as the Halloween costume. This year's a total score!

*She is so excited and loves to dance!

*Did I mention how the kids are soooo stinkin' cute?

*Can be costly (makeup, costumes, tickets, pictures, video...ugh!).

*Putting streetwalker makeup on a five year old is just WRONG!

*Trying to put that streetwalker makeup on a five year old is like putting it on a greased pig. Not that I ever tried to put makeup on a greased pig, but I am sure it is just as hard!

*They wanted curls!?! Olivia's hair just does not curl. I tried everything curling irons, hot rollers, sponge rollers, PRODUCT. Her hair is baby fine. After hours of trying to get curls and it looking like crap, I brushed it and it was totally straight. UGH!!!!!

*Dress rehearsal never starting on time/behind so we sit, and sit, and sit, and sit,and sit, and get hungry.

*I have to make sure a certain little someone gets flowers just like everyone else or I will have tears. When you have tears coupled with streetwalker makeup, well that is not a good thing!

The "loves" trump the "hates" for sure!

Here are some pics from Miss Thangs' dress rehearsal (since we are forbidden to take pics or video at the performance). I am not the greatest photographer with theater locations. It's only my second time trying to take pics in one. It's a bit tricky. I wish I had rented a telephoto lens ;0(, was able to sit on stage, and that someone shut the outsdie door on Olivia's side of the stage as all that crappy light fell on the side of her face. I get that it's a dress rehearsal and all, but sheesh, stop playing with the lights so I can get a semi-decent pic of my kid!

When rehearsal was over, we went outside to take a few pics. The light was great and she was just so darn cute! Olivia was quite the poser!! She struck her own poses for the camera. Yes, I egged her on.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Starting Summer with a Bang!

Yes, school has been out for almost two weeks. We have been busy (as always). I've got to give a shout out to my big boys for all their hard work this year. They both have been on Principal's Honor Roll all year long and were recognized at the end of the year. Jared's school doesn't have anything for parents to attend. They hand out their awards in homeroom. I don't like this at all (and I work for the district). I think it is important for parents to celebrate their children's academic excellence. Party poopers! Jared maintained a 3.5-3.9 all year long. Way to go!! Since I didn't get to attend an assembly, we had to settle for pictures after school.

Jared also had his Spring Concert which he rocked!

He will be adding the snare drum to his repertoire of instruments he plays. His band teacher is visiting our house each week for lessons to get him ready for next year. His teacher is one of the biggest reasons our kids have yet to move to their neighborhood school. Nick will be joining band next year and the band teacher is thinking drums for him because of his endless energy. I don't like my next door neighbors much anyway.

Nick had all A's most of the year until the end he got one B. I cannot complain. I did challenge him to maintain those grades all year for $100.00. Sooo close dude. Maybe next year? He had a banquet at school to honor his achievements. Awesome taco dinner, but we did not enjoy having to wait 45 minutes for food. We loved his teacher and know who is teacher is next year (job perks). I am sure this kid will have yet another stellar year!

Nick will be keeping busy with club baseball (possible two teams). Daddy and Nick love their baseball.

We have a busy summer planned. Mostly sticking to in town activities unless baseball takes us out of town. Mom and her new boyfriend are taking us to his time share at Pismo Beach. That should be fun although I do not feel ready to put this body in a swim-suit. Looking forward to a happy summer!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Look What Olivia and I did Today

I got a new backdrop so we took pictures ;0)