Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack!!!!

My baby turned two yesterday!! It is so hard for me to watch him become a little boy. It feels as though we just brought him home. He has definitely made life better for us all and provides us with endless hours of entertainment. Jack's life in pictures (just a few don't worry):

OK, I lied. Here are a lot. I couldn't choose which pics of my sweet baby to share.

We kept his bday mellow because of the craziness of our first week of school. We had family and a few friends over for pizza, cake, and presents. Jack loved all his toys and is right now, fighting with his sister over them. Happy Bday baby boy!!!

The First Day of School

The first day of school this year was probably the most crazy ever!!!! Each kid had their own place to go. Jack needed to be at daycare, Olivia to preschool, Nick to my school, and Jared to middle school. I needed to go in early to school, of course, so Daddy was on his own. Surprisingly, everything went off without a problem.

I got a few pics of the kiddos before running off to work.

Olivia loves preschool!!! Can't stop talking about it and is eager to have homework.

Nick Loves his new teacher and being a big fourth grader! He is eager to not have homework.

Jared thinks it is so cool to be in middle school. He is still in band playing sax, but will be attending zero period to be a part of drum line. The bad news is we have to get him up at the butt crack of dawn to catch the early bus by my school. He gets out later, so I have to hang around school well after my dismissal to pick him up from the bus stop. Bright side-going in early and leaving later means I'll be better prepared. Well, hopefully.

Well as for my class. It's still too early to tell based on past experiences. However, the kinder babies are off to a great start. Not one four/five year old called me a b***h or attempted to cause myself or an aide bodily harm. For me this is a good sign. Crossing my fingers and toes this decent behavior streak continues.

Well off to prepare for the second week of school.

Creative Team Stuff

First off, gotta share some cool news. I made the creative team over at Scrap Matters!! Woohoo!! A total dream gig. Still in shock but very excited. I have got to get used to balancing my time a bit differently now.

Wendy (WM [Squared]) designed a fabulous back to school kit

I made a gift basket for Nick's and Olivia's teacher. Jared being in middle school, has way too many teachers for me to make a basket for them all.

And of course I scrapped a page of Olivia's first day of Preschool

So for the Scrap Matters CT, I couldn't resist this Back to School Kit By Sahlin Studio "Explore. Learn. Grow".

Here is Jared on his big day:

So how do I do all this?? I don't sleep.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pebbles and Butterflies

Haynay designed a BEAUTIFUL new kit!!!!! So in love with it!

It was perfect for a series of pictures I took of Olivia playing in wildflowers!

Here is the link to her store at Scrap Matters. Happy Scrappin'!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Things That Make Me Go Hmmm?????

* My almost 2 year old smells like B.O. at the end of a day full of playing. He is still chubby so his chubby parts reek! I am talking stinky man B.O. Either someone needs to create a line of deodorant for children or I need to resort to speed stick.
* Is it possible that Jack is ready to use the potty? He has been telling me " I poo poo" when he has pooped his diaper for the past few months. Yesterday, he told me "I poo poo" and there was no poop, but five minutes later he had poop. He isn't even two yet. Might I possibly have a gifted child????
* Is it normal for my four year old to be obsessed about marriage? She wants to "Merwy" everyone and go to the temple in a pink dress. She also asks why she cannot give tongue kisses. Ewwww!!!! We told her when she gets married she can give tongue kisses. I think she is a weirdo and have no idea where she gets this stuff.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's That Time of Year

...when I am getting my classroom ready and life is on hold for the next six weeks. The craziness of having to break in 20 kindergartners really takes it out of me.I have a lot of client photos to edit/order that are keeping me super busy as well. I'll do my best to post. At the very least, I'll share my creative team layouts. I have a few layouts to share. WM [Squared] created some new templates "Totally Template V.1 and V.2". I used her Beach Bum kit and Totally Template v.2 to make this layout:

Made a layout using pictures from our Disney vacation last April and Sahlin Studio's Enjoy the Moment kit. Love that Jack was having a meltdown.

I also made a layout early this morning because the neighbor's dog wouldn't shut-up.

Credits: J. Barrette and Juno Designs Extraordinary kit, Beads from WM[Squared]'s Viva Fiesta, Mini flowers recolored from Britt-ish Designs Bunny Foo Foo and Sunshine in My Soul. Template by Man in the Moon.

I'll be getting back to work now (at the computer). Crossing my fingers and toes I have a nice group of kiddos this year.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Addicted to Speed Scrapping

There were speeds scraps all weekend at Scrap Matters in honor of their birthday. I didn't make all of the scraps, but squeezed in a few between editing photos and making some birth announcements for a client. My goal was to scrap a page for each of the kids by tonight. I am pooped and about ready for bed. Thought I'd share what I did before hitting the hay.

Credits: Wild Oats by Chelle's Creations and Sarah Bennet Designs, String frame from WM [Squared]'s Teen Grunge kit

Credits:Creative Blocks Template2 Britt-ish Designs
WM [Squared] Teen Grunge Stitches
Z.Pearn You Rock felt star
TStroud/A.Heiman Xtreme Lil Dude star,staple,ribbon 2, and word art
TSrtoud /K.Hartely Off tha Chain papers 1,3,11, wire, splat, star border
D. Mogstad Punkd Metal star, alpha, small journaling tab yellow, frame
font Dirty Ego

Credits:Sahlin Studio Blessed kit- Stem shadow, grass, heart fish line, frame, flowers 1 & 2, ppr.1
SM Perfect Picnic staple 2
TStroud Sugar and Spice ribbon 31
MTurnidge Sweet Dreams glitter splat
Paint Stroke brush-from Bitbox
Font Underwood Champion, Love Ya Like a Sister

Credits:Britt-ish Designs High School Ends glitter splat 2 recolored, Boys of Summer hanging star 2
Fernilis's Junk Drawer ppr 5
Something Blue Studios frame 1 recolored
T. Stroud A Fathers Strength alpha recolored

Nighty night!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday Bash

Scrap Matters is turning two this weekend and in honor of this, the designers I create for made some pretty rockin' grab bags.

With all of the goodies from WM [Squared]'s grab bag,I made this layout:

With the goodies from Haynay's grab bag I made this:

There is also a pretty great sale goign on. Here is the link to Scrap Matters. Spend $15.00 and you get the collaboration kit for free. There are speed scraps all weekend long as well. YAY!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jared @ Scout Camp

Jared and Daddy left me home all by myself for a week and went to Scout Camp up at Huntington Lake. I sent Daddy with our OLD little point and shoot camera. He did a pretty good job! They had a blast and I am so thankful that they were able to have this time to do stinky manly things and bond with each other as well as the scouts from the ward.

The only bummer was that Jared contracted one of the worst bugs we've ever had from camp. He spent his last day in the infirmary. Damian was telling me the nurse said by Wednesday there had been over 40 campers already down with this bug and not enough beds to care for them all. Really disappointed how BSA handled the epidemic. Fortunately the boys made it home before Damian became sick. He had to take an extra two days of from work. One by one the rest of us caught it. It really sucked. Aside from that, an awesome experience. Jared earned six badges and is well on his way to his next advancement.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Quickie!!

I am a little late in posting my creative team layout. We are all sooo sick and the last of the kiddies became sick yesterday. We all feel like crap. Damian and I have agreed this is one of the top three worst flu bugs of all time. Jared and Daddy brought it home from Scout camp to share with us all. I am shocked I was able to pull it together enough to create this:

The kit is call My Happy Life and is by Haynay Designs over at Scrap Matters. Such a cute kit!!!! Well, off to make the rounds with Gatorade and Sprite.