Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kindergarten Celebration

I, being a kindergarten teacher, have a hard time with the idea of a Kindergarten Graduation. They are just starting a lifetime of education. ALSO, there are a few kiddos that are retained so why would we have them graduate, right? So instead, we have a "Celebration" to recognize the hard work all of our kindy babies have made. We still do a cap and gown picture for those that must have them (and yes, I did order some anyway), but doesn't a "Celebration" sound like more fun? It is!!!

I CANNOT believe how fast this year has went by! I get a little teary eyed thinking about what a privilege it has been to have my own baby girl in my class and to watch all of the leaps and bounds she has made!! I will forever treasure this time with her and sad that it is over (really!). I also get to take all the credit for teaching her how to read (in fact all but one of my kiddos is reading beautifully-WOOHOO!). I hope that as an adult she can look back and have some wonderful memories of this time we have spent together!

She is in the front row because she is a shorty, not because she is my baby! Do you think I play favorites????

This year, I introduced the class to Mr. Harry's Kindergarten Channel. He has tons on music videos geared towards the kindergarten standards that my class fell in love with. So of course we had to add the music and videos to the program. We sang "The President", "The Number Rock", and "The Days of the Week" TV style. Lots of giggle from the parents when the kiddies would bust a move (yes, we danced too)!

Oli and her bestie

She's moving on to 1st grade! I am so proud of my girl!


Kiahna Williams said...

Love the t-shirts and necklaces! Way cute. Congratulations to Olivia!

Heather said...

My oh my has Olivia grown! I'm in shock that she's going to be a first grader. Way to go, Teacher Mom. I can feel your pride. :)