Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One! Singular Sensation...

Yesiree!! It's that most wonderful time of year again where little girls dress up like hoochie mamas and wear streetwalker make-up. No not Prom, but dance recital time!!!

A few thoughts:

I have one cute little mama here!

Make-up application...much easier this year!

Outfit...I must admit it is pretty cute!

Money spent...ouch!

Outfit doubles as reflector, assistant not necessary. Look at that warm glow on her skin!

Family at home with flu...check!

Has Oli gotten the flu yet?? Of course not!

Please pray for us that this little girl can make it to her recital this weekend! Otherwise we will have one heartbroken little girl and one disappointed mommy!

Dress rehearsal down, two performances to go!

Six year olds shouldn't look like this! Correction, my six year old shouldn't look like this!


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